Welcome to Takara Lab

Policy research for the mitigation of disaster induced by socio-environmental change and extreme weather

We are “Innovative Disaster Prevention Technology and Policy Research” lab belonging to Disaster Management for Safe and Secure Society division, under Integrated Arts and Sciences for Disaster Reduction Research Group of Disaster Prevention Research Institute, Kyoto University.

We receive students from “undergraduate school of global engineering, civil engineering course” and “graduate school of engineering, civil and earth resources engineering” in Kyoto University. Many of graduate students participate in Inter-Graduate School Programs including GSS Program (Global Survivability Studies) and Global COE Program for Sustainability / Survivability Science.

This laboratory conducts research on the evaluation of the climate change effects on disaster and the adaptation methodology to them, and on the quantification of city-, region-, and basin-wide disaster risk. Prediction methodologies are developed for water resources, flood, and landslide disasters using the advanced simulation and impact assessment models. Research topics include monitoring and prediction of the socio-environmental change using data collected by field observation, experiment, and remote sensing, and as well as its application to the policy research for disaster mitigation.