Participation in Amsterdam International Water Week Conference 2015

Four members of Takara Lab. (D2 Siska Eva Mia, D2 Chong Khai Lin, D2 Xue Han, M2 Shi Yongxue) have participated in the Amsterdam International Water Week Conference (AIWW) 2015 in Amsterdam RAI during Nov. 2 to Nov. 6.

The Amsterdam International Water Week Conference is the world’s most cross-cutting conference for integrated water solutions. The theme of this year is “Integrated Solutions for a Circular Economy and Resilient Cities”.

IMG_4051 IMG_4196

On Nov. 3 Mr. Xue has made oral presentation with topic “Study on flood disasters and low impact development countermeasures in Georgetown, Malaysia” in the Flood Resilient Cities session.


On Nov. 4 Ms. Chong has made oral presention with topic “Rainfall trend analysis in the Kelantan river catchment during Northeast monsoon season 1981-2014” in the Measuring and Responding to Climate Variability session

Ms. Eva has made poster presentation with topic “Tourism Impact Assessment Using Water Security Index In Tourism-dependent Region: Bali, Indonesia“.

On Nov. 5 Ms. Eva has taken the excursion of “Delta Programme AIWW Sub-conference: national and international water governance” and on Nov. 6 Ms. Chong, Miss Shi and Mr. Xue have taken the excursion of “Flood protection in Amsterdam & Rotterdam, a multi layer safety approach”. We have visited several flood prone areas of this city and studied possible multi layer safety measures for flood prevention, effect diminishing and protection of critical infrastructure.

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We had meaningful communication with experts from different fields for water-related problmes solutions and got valuable experiences from the real case study of the excurisons.