The 4th Italian and Mediterranean Workshop on Landslides, and the Short Course on Landslide Processes and Land Management Effects, in Naples, Italy

The 4th Italian Workshop on Landslides (IWL2015) was held on November 23 to 25, in Centro Congressi Federico II via Partenope 36, Naples Italy. This workshop was jointly organized by the Seconda Universita di Napoli and the Universita di Napoli Federico II.


The main topic in the workshop this year is the interaction between landslides and man-made works. In addition, special session deals with the interdisciplinary studies of hydrology and soil mechanics including precipitation induced landslides, hydrological processes on hilly slope, as well as impact of climate change on landslides.  Several distinguished professors were invited to give keynote speeches such as Prof. Roy Sidle (Australia), Prof. Ning Lu (USA), Prof. Fausto Guzzetti (Italia) and Prof. Claudio Margottini (Italia).

One of Takara Lab. Members, Mr. Hendy Setiawan (D2) -during his internship study in Water Resources Section of TU Delft- had a chance to deliver his research work in the workshop. His oral presentation in the session of Interaction between landslides and large infrastructures entitled ‘Initial pore pressure ratio in the earthquake triggered large-scale landslide near Aratozawa Dam in Miyagi Prefecture, Japan’.


The full papers of this workshop will be peer-reviewed and published by Elsevier in a thematic issue of Procedia Earth and Planetary Science, an open access journal indexed by ISI Web of Science.

On November 26 a short course on landslide processes and land management effects was given by Professor Roy Sidle from University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. This one day course held at Dipartimento di Ingegneria Civile, Design, Edilizia e Ambiente of the Seconda Universita degli Studi di Napoli, located in Aversa. This course emphasized the hydrological and geomorphological factors in landslides, vegetation influences and land management practices that contribute to landslide initiation.