2017 Fiscal year Japan Society of Civil Engineers(JSCE) Kansai Chapter Scientific Conference

2017 Fiscal year JSCE Kansai Chapter scientific conference was held at Osaka Institute of technology. Miyake-san and Sugawara-san from Takara lab attended this conference.

miyake-san gave a presentation on “RRI モデルを用いたリアルタイム浸水マッピングのため
Sugawara-san gave a presentation on”山体地下における不飽和浸透の解析解に関する研究”.

Sugawara-san won the best presentation award in his session, congratulations~~~

Special Seminar on Environmental Hydrology

On May 26, 2017, Prof. Jeffrey J. McDonnell (University of Saskatchewan, Canada) and Prof. Murugesu Sivapalan (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA) visited DPRI to give special lectures on environmental hydrology. Prof.Yasuto Tachikawa from Graduate School of Engineering, Kyoto University, also gave a talk on recent research activities on climate change impact assessment in Japan. We spend great “five hours” on learning and discussing fundamental hydrologic science and engineering with about 65 participants including outside of Kyoto University. Thanks Jeff and Siva for all the way to Kyoto!


Cheery-blossom Party

Now it’s the perfect season for cheery-blossom. We had a great lunch party under the beautiful Sakura trees in front of Uji campus. Takara sensei, Sayama sensei, Inoue san, Saidera san and students kindly joined the party. 

Takara sensei’s Kanreki Party

on March 25, 2017. About 60 people from 15 different countries were celebrated Takara sensei’s 60 years birthday (Kanreki) for him. Most of the participants are the graduated students from Takara lab. Takara family members are located all around the world. Congratulations, Takara sensei, we hope you boundless happiness and a longlong life. 

DPRI annual meeting

DPRI annual meeting has been held on February 21 and 22, 2017.

  • Sayama-sensei made an oral presentation on the topic of “リアルタイム浸水ハザードマッピング実現に向けた現地浸水情報の同化技術”.
  • Florence-sensei made a poster presentation on the topic of”Reviving Intangible Cultural Heritage in Disaster Affected Communities* Benefits and Limitations-Case Study of Ogatsu”.
  • Students from our lab also made presentations, the details are as follow:

Oral presentation
Hendy Setiawan “Assessment of the 2016 Minami-Aso Landslide in Kumamoto Prefecture Based on LiDAR Data and Numerical Simulation”

Hendy Setiawansan won the Best Presentation Award! Congratulations~~~

Han Xue “Estimation of Non-point Source pollution in the Pingqiao River Basin of China based on a Spatial Source Hydrograph Separation Approach”

Toma E.STOYANOV “Extreme Weather Event Analysis in Southern Bulgaria and Climate Change Influence”
山本 浩大 “千種川流域を対象にしたモデルによる降雨流出・洪水氾濫総合型解析”


  • Poster Presentation

Eva Mia Siska “Impact of Rapid Tourism Growth on Water Scarcity in Bali, Indonesia”
Karlina “Low Flow Forecasting with Recession Analysis Approaches”
Nguyen Duc HA “Identifying Rainfall Threshold of Triggering Landslide in Halong City Based on the Empirical Approach”




Defense of Dr. Xue and Dr. Setiawan

The defense of Dr. Xue and Dr. Setiawan have been successfully held on January 23, 2017.

Takara-sensei, Tachikawa-sensei, Sumi-sensei, Sassa-sensei, Sayama-sensei, and students from Takara lab have attended this defense.

Dr. Xue’s defense title is “Hydrograph-Separation-based Non-pointSource Pollution Modelling in the Pingqiao River basin, China”.

Dr. Setiawan’s defense title is “Landslide Hazard Assessment on the Upstream of Dam Reservoir”.

Congratulations to Dr.Xue and Dr. Setiawan. We wish both of you have wonderful future!

Dr. Josko TROSELJ’s denfense

Dr. Josko Troselj’s Defense has been successfully held on Oct. 22, 2016, congratulations~~

Takara-sensei, Tachikawa-sensei, Yamashiki Sensei and Sayama-sensei, students from our lab.  friends of Josko san have attended this defense


We wish you success in your future career and all the best!



Takara lab Birthday Party at October

Takara sensei, Sayama sensei and our lab memebers had a party for three main purposes: 1. Birthday celebrations for Yamamoto san and Ha san; 2. Welcome Asri san who will stay at our lab for four month; 3. celcebrate for Inoue san’s recovery. We had a great time~~~


Kyoto – ASEAN Forum 2016

Takara sensei and Ms. Khai Lin attended Kyoto – ASEAN Forum 2016 on the theme of “WINDOW TO ASEAN: INTERNATIONAL AND INNOVATIVE” – EXPLORING NEW HORIZONS IN COLLABORATIONS BETWEEN ASEAN AND KYOTO UNIVERSITY – which held in Pullman Kuala Lumpur City Centre on 8th – 9th September 2016. This forum was a great success, over 250 participants attended the forum. This forum brings together researchers, young researchers and young students which the aim to improve capabilities on their research, through the sharing of knowledge, experience, and wisdom.  5-3

It was an opportunity for Takara sensei to meet up his former students and colleagues in Malaysia.




Takara sensei and two PhD students: Ms. Khai Lin Chong and Ms. Karlina from Takara Lab have participated 4th AUN/SEED-NET REGIONAL CONFERENCE ON NATURAL DISASTER 2016 on Sept 6 and 7 at Seri Pacific Hotel in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.1

Takara sensei had been invited to deliver a keynote speech on Sept 7.


Ms. Khai Lin had her oral presentation on Sept 6 in the session of Assessing Risks, with title ‘Estimation the Effects of Hydrological Processes in Time of Concentration’. Ms. Karlina had her oral presentation on Sept 6 in the session of Understanding Hazards, with title ‘Low Flow Forecasting Based on Recession Analysis’.

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